If you were to boil down all of the dozens of things somebody can do to sell a home quickly and for maximum value, the two most important factors are, in order:

  1. A competitive price
  2. Awesome photos

A competitive price has always been important, but in recent years awesome photos have become a must. Prior to the Internet, Realtors used an old multiple listing service book (see photo) that only had one tiny black and white photo of the front of the house. Need to see what the inside looks like back in those days? Better schedule an appointment to view it and go drive across town. Nowadays with high definition photos, HDR photos, virtual tours and the like, buyers demand lots of photos of a new listing, and if you not only have lots of photos but you also have awesome photos you will stand head and shoulders above the crowd. I recommend and use a professional photographer for virtually all of my listings, and also recommend the use of a stager if necessary.

Since I not only list homes and represent sellers, but also represent buyers in purchasing homes, I’ve noticed one curious thing about the behavior of buyers when offering to buy and buying a home that has awesome photos, and that is this: They fall in LOVE with the photos! Sometimes it seems like they almost love the photos more than the home! Not really, but is seems that way sometimes. When a buyer is in the process of buying a home that has awesome photos during the time prior to closing they are pulling up those listng photos on REMAX.com or Redfin or whatever their favorite real estate site is and looking at them several times a week, sharing them on Facebook, showing them to their family and friends at work, and what that does is seals the deal and makes them fall in love with the home even more.

So, to recap, to sell your home quickly and for maximum value make sure you have a competitive price, and make sure you have really awesome photos!