☆☆☆☆☆: “undoubtedly a real estate expert”

This box asked me to provide details to help others decide if they should contact this pro. The short answer is yes. But I think folks need more info in order to help them wade through the crowded waters of realtors in order to get to the real professionals.

Before choosing Wayne as our
realtor, we spoke to friends, family, and a host of other realtors during our research phase. What stood out at this point was the greatly varying opinions of what we should be looking for, what to prioritize, and even how our opinions were wrong. Frankly, it seemed to us that we were going to have to do most of the work researching and viewing, and that our realtor would simply help us put the paperwork through.

From the first time we talked to Wayne, we could tell that he was professional, experienced, attentive, and listened to us. He knew the right questions to ask, and gave us all of the information we could hope for. He followed up with us in a timely and professional manner, and really took the time to figure out what my husband and I wanted. When we began looking at houses that interested us, Wayne was flexible with appointments and always right on time to the appointments, and was patient and understanding with what is a life-altering decision. Wayne is undoubtedly a real estate expert.

But where he really shined was through the paperwork and closing process. When things were their most challenging, Wayne was there to support and inform us. Because of his vast experience, Wayne was able to keep us calm and confident throughout the process.

So the long answer is: it would be a mistake to use anyone else but Wayne Sanman.